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New Products for 2011 !!

Introducing The

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"I got the chance to compare the RMS12 to a vintage AKG C-12 side by side. I was surprised to hear that they were almost identical with the RMS12 having just a bit more air on top. You can judge for yourself. At an introductory price of $3999 the RMS12 provides extraordinary value and performance."

Larry Sturm, Recording Engineer/Producer
R Kelly,Destiny's Child,Jennifer Hudson,Twista

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Introducing The

The RMS269 is our recreation of the famous M269.  Its similiarites are shared by its K67 style capsule and EF732 NOS pentode which is electronicly similiar to the tube used in the original M269, the AC701.  The RMS269 is very smooth yet colored which adds weight to any signal without sounding muddy.  It has a nice air and presence about it very similiar to the qualities of the original M269.  The RMS269 is completely hand wired and hand built with special attention to detail.  There is nothing else like it on the market!

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Introducing The

The U47, probably one of the recording industry's most recognized microphones.  From Frank Sinatra to the modern day, the U47 boasts that vintage tone you have been looking for.  We have meticulously recreated this sound after a full year of reseach and development, painstakingly testing and comparing to the best U47s we came into contact with.  We are now offering the RMS47 to our customers as a modern alternative without breaking the bank.

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