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Nashville - Finally !!

Steve Kirin Jr. Records in Nashville !!

CHICAGO – For years, fans have been telling Steve Kirin Jr., charismatic tamburas and
 vocalist with both SINOVI of Chicago,  T-Rroma Orchestra and member of Sloboda Lodge 32, “That song should be on country radio!” and “I can hear Garth Brooks singing that song—you should send it to him.” Kirin recently came one step closer to making those statements reality when he headed south to record on Music Row in the music capital of the world, Nashville, Tenn.

The resulting CD, titled “Nashville…Finally,” features 11 of Kirin’s original compositions, including such Sinovi fan favorites as “Only Memories Live On,” a tribute to his late father, Steve Kirin Sr.; and “Inside My Heart.” It also includes “Crayons to Makeup,” which is sure to be a hit with parents everywhere. He penned the song for his daughter, Danielle, when she was a baby. (She is now 21, and should she decide to marry, Kirin says he will play it for the father-daughter dance on her wedding day.)

“Nashville…Finally” is chockfull of the rich vocal harmonies listeners have come to expect from Kirin. However, it also treats listeners to sounds they’re not accustomed to hearing at tambura gigs, such as steel guitar, concert piano, drums and even a Wurlitzer organ. The musicians who give his songs new depth and dimension have recorded and performed with such superstars as James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, Alison Kraus and George Strait.

“The songs on the CD sound just like they did in my head when I wrote them,” he says. “I hope people enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them.” He says he dedicates the CD to all those who have supported and encouraged him through the years. “For a long time, my heart, family, friends and fans have pointed me in this direction. I’m glad I can share this CD with them.”

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